Portfolio Tracker

Keep track of ALL your Crowdfunding and Alternative Asset investments with our easy-to-use professional dashboard

In partnership with Kubera Apps, Inc

  • All in one place
    See All Your Crowdfunding Investments in One Place
    It doesn’t matter if you’ve made dozens of crowdfunding-related investments. Get an up-to-date snapshot of your overall investment progress or see how each individual deal is doing with our intuitive dashboard.
  • Track Global Banks
    Link Your Bank and Brokerage Account Balances
    Our smart algorithm picks the best connector for your institution, offering the most reliable connectivity to Banks, Brokerages and nearly any financial account from the widest coverage of over 20,000 institutions around the world. See the list
  • Track Your Global Stock Portfolio
    Track Your Entire Stock Portfolio
    Connect your online brokerage accounts, or add tickers manually to track nearly any stock, ETF or Mutual Fund on the planet. We support all major stock exchanges in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and NZ.
  • Irr
    Track All Your Crypto Assets, Including Defi & NFTs
    Get the latest balances from all major crypto wallets and exchanges, or simply add the coins to track them (We support DeFi assets on multiple chains like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Solana & Cosmos, including your Punks, Apes, Robots & Kittens).
  • Irr
    Add Your Preferred Currency
    We support nearly every global currency. Add your Yens and Euros with your Bitcoins to create a global dashboard and see their values in your native currency.
  • Recap
    Recap Your Overall Performance
    See a snapshot of how your portfolio totals and allocations changed over time. Every Day, Week, Month, Quarter and Year. Whatever you prefer.

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