Harnessing the power of extreme velocity

Security Type
Preferred Stock
Min Investment
Spokane, WA
Offering Date
October 23, 2020
Expected Close Date
April 24, 2021
Amount Raised
Deal Notes

Price per Share: $3.84

Key Deal Facts

HyperSciences has successfully delivered on contracts awarded by Shell, NASA and other top industry leaders. Currently we're working confidentially under contract with two major Mining and Energy corporations. Another area of focus is aerospace testing, as it is crucial research the U.S. government is seeking. As one of the few hypersonic companies in the U.S., HyperSciences is well positioned to win these types of government contracts.
With 39 patents at various stages (15 issued or allowed), HyperSciences' technologies enable companies to drill holes and robotically tunnel up to 5X faster — and at a lower cost than — traditional drilling and tunneling methods.
In 2019, HyperSciences conducted a very successful crowdfunding campaign, raising over $10M+ from more than 4,000 investors.

Security Description

Preferred securities are a type of investment that generally offers some sort of preferred treatment through a dividend or preferred treatment in a liquidation.

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