Airo A Qualified Opportunity Zone Sponsor

Airo A Qualified Opportunity Zone Sponsor

AIRO provides professional commercial real estate investment and operating services by achieving superior returns on invested equity and debt that enhances shareholder value and mitigates risk. Our acquisition focus on Opportunity Zones enable investors to benefit from temporary deferral of eligible capital gains, up to a 15% basis step-up on capital gains invested, and a capital gains bill of zero on new gains for investments held 10 years.

We operate throughout the U.S. by drawing on a combination of industry and functional expertise, technology, and alliances. AIRO organizes...

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Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Brookeville, MD
Min Raise
Offering Date
September 29, 2020
Max Raise
Expected Close Date
December 31, 2020
Deal Notes

Price per Share: $1.00

The Securities will be subject to dilution if/when the Company participates in an equity financing round where investors are offered Common Stock for cash or cash equivalents or if compensatory shares are offered to new or existing shareholders.

Voting Rights: Yes

Anti-Dilution Rights: None

Use of Proceeds

  • FundMe Expenses
  • Attorney Fees
  • Accountant Fees
  • Marketing
  • R&D
  • General Working Capital


Frederic S. Richardson, President

John Settles, CEO

Terry Burka, Chief Operating Officer

Leizear Burka, Inc. — Washington, DC

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Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.