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Rocky Badd

Hip-Hop artist Rocky Badd is raising capital to properly promote and support her highly anticipated next album, Respect the Writer 2. This project is a follow-up to her 2019 album Respect the Writer. The deal includes the 16 song Respect the Writer 2 album and two of her previous songs, “With You” and “Goated.” Investors will own a percentage of the gross digital sales and streaming recording revenue the content generates in perpetuity. Rocky Badd has teamed up with Detroit-based music promotion startup CrowdFreak to help grow her reach and fanbase, in turn, driving additional streamin...

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Detroit, MI

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Membership Units
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November 05, 2020
January 05, 2021


Managing Member
Rocky Badd (September Ragland)
Detroit native, Rocky Badd started her musical journey when she was 6 years old. As an artist in the Detroit rap scene, Rocky became known for her ability to freestyle in various rap circles. Her true emergence into stardom came after her 2018 release of HardBody! Since the HardBody release, Rocky has gained increased notoriety from 5 additional studio albums, soaring her social media presence to 300k+ followers and YouTube views surpassing 10 million views.

Director of Marketing
Curtis McKinnon, MBA
Curtis McKinnon has dedicated a big portion of his work in the music industry to assisting aspiring artists in advancing their music career through his company CrowdFreak. CrowdFreak has helped thousands of artists gain performance opportunities across the United States, specifically in the Midwest! A recent pivot with CrowdFreak has allowed them to change the dynamics of this relationship with up and coming artists, through music distribution and playlisting!

Deal Structure

Royalty Rate: 10% - 20% (depending on raise amount)

Royalty Defined: Streaming & Digital Download Revenue

Catalog: Album: "Respect The Writer 2" Singles: "With You", "Goated"

Term: Perpetuity

Liquidation Preference: The greater of: 3X Trailing 12-Month Revenue or; 3X Initial Investment Price

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