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Our Life Foods

Our Life Foods

Our Life Foods was founded in 2016 by native Louisianan Chris Fontenot to solve for the lack of good, quality Cajun products being sold outside the South. Launching with flagship brand A Cajun Life®, Chris set out to create a line of products that brought true Cajun flavor to homes across the country. Made, grown, manufactured and produced in Louisiana, A Cajun Life® offers consumers authentic, Certified Cajun foods in retailers across the US, as well as Canada, the Caribbean, and Australia.In 2019 Our Life Foods broadened their offerings by acquiring Swamp Pop, a Louisiana-based craft beve...

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Gresham, OR

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Consumer Products
December 23, 2020
March 15, 2021

Use of Proceeds

Our Life Foods intends to use the funds to refinance existing debt. This refinance will allow the company reinvest funds that would otherwise go towards interest payments.

  • (100%) $205,000- Debt Refinance


Chris Fontenot brings over 15 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry to Our Life Foods. Working in various roles within Fortune 500 CPG companies, Chris managed upwards of $60M in annual revenue and teams as large as 40. While at Hershey’s specifically, Chris was one of 15 account executives in the nation with the ability to open new business, and was able to do so to generate over $20M in new annual revenue streams during his tenure. In addition, he helped build the foundation for what is now their E-commerce division, having been one of the original food companies selling and helping Amazon hone their food strategy.

Deal Structure

Security Type: Bond

Bond Duration: 60 months

Yield: 8.00%

Unit Par Value: $10.00

Total Unit Value: $12.17

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Key Deal Facts

A Cajun Life® Seasoning and Rubs, with products such as All-Purpose Cajun Seasoning, Mesquite BBQ, Chicken Rub, Blackening Rub, and Seafood Rub.
A Cajun Life® Mixes, with products including Fish Fry, Chicken Breading, Hush Puppy Mix, and Seafood Boil.
Boxed meals, with products such as Gumbo Mix, Jambalaya Mix, and Red Beans and Rice Mix.
A single-serve line consisting of the A Cajun Life® Seasoning blends but in convenient single-serve portions perfect for one-off dishes or travel.
Swamp Pop sugar cane sodas, with flavors including File Root Beer, Ponchatoula Pop Rouge, Noble Cane Cola, Satsuma Fizz, Praline Cream Soda, and Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale.