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TheClub is a live-streaming mobile app that connects DJs and party-goers for unique virtual party experiences.  It's a place where DJs get discovered, booked, and paid right within the app for throwing amazing virtual parties.  TheClub App was a product born out of necessity.  Since the pandemic started, thousands of DJs are out of work due to the closing of most nightlife clubs and venues.

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Ewing, NJ

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January 04, 2021
April 05, 2021

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Darrel Frater
Founder & CEO
Has a Bachelors in Business and is an MBA candidate at The College of New Jersey specializing in Strategy, Innovation, & Leadership. Darrel is also a Venture Fellow at Score 3 Ventures. As a serial entrepreneur, his first startup success was Prom Social. As a serial entrepreneur, his first startup success was Prom Social. As a philanthropist, he started a Non-Profit called the "Urban Students Bridge to Success that coordinate college mentors to equip urban youth with the tools and resources they needed to success in school. They reached 150 students, many of which went to high-profile universities and colleges as a result of his program.

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