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Guidance Whiskey

Guidance Whiskey gives an alternative to the same old whiskey hierarchy. Guidance not only challenges the whiskey norm at every level but has triumphed in factors the industry claimed wouldn’t work. Our 2 year aged whiskey with a heavy corn base has provided our customers with a product they can get excited about. The quality of guidance is easy on the pallet, making it a favorite of bars and restaurants, and a must have for at-home bars. At any event or venue Guidance generates repeat sales for our regular customers and has gained huge popularity as a preferred gift from our following. &nb...

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Nashville, TN

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Security Type
Secured Loan
Secured debt is debt backed or secured by collateral to reduce the risk associated with lending. If the borrower on a loan defaults on repayment, the debt holder can seize the collateral, sell it, and use the proceeds to pay back the debt. Assets backing debt or a debt instrument are considered as a form of security, which is why unsecured debt is considered a riskier investment than secured debt.
December 22, 2020
February 25, 2021

Use of Proceeds

  • Product materials $151,749
  • Marketing $30,350
  • Tastings $30,350
  • Merchandise $16,342
  • Website rebuild $4,669


Jason Ridgel

From humble beginnings serving as an IT Specialist at KPMG, Jason Ridgel is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience seizing opportunities and grossing $16M in revenue with multiple business ventures.
Jason is a business development strategist with the ultimate desire to create opportunities that improve the lives of others.

Deal Structure

Interest Rate: 8.75% annually

Payments: Monthly, disbursed to investors quarterly 

Maturity: 60 months 

Personal Guaranty: Jason Ridgel

Security Interest: Blanket lien on assets of company 

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