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SkillSoniq is an AI-Powered recruiting app that connects companies with skilled, local "contract to hire" freelancers. Companies try out freelancers and easily convert the best ones to their payroll, taking the guesswork out of recruiting and saving 60%+ in recruiting costs.

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Jersey City, NJ

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February 12, 2021
April 30, 2021


Abby Verma
Partnerships Lead
Abby leads from the front, is an eternal optimist and a born entrepreneur. SkillSoniq is his third company - His first being a painting business when he was just 19. As a 19yr old immigrant in the US, Abby discovered his true love for hustle and entrepreneurship while managing a painting business in Detroit and studying full-time at the University of Michigan. Abby brings to the team a well-rounded professional experience as a 3x entrepreneur, Investment Banker and Tech Consultant. He loves a good fight, and never gives up. He believes that the traditional recruitment space is ripe for disruption and is all in. He currently helps develop partnerships @ SkillSoniq.

Bogdan Zadorozhny
Senior Sales Marketing Executive (Contractor)
Bogdan was hired on SkillSoniq within 2 days! He joined SkillSoniq as a Sales and Digital Marketing Expert, has helped several companies get to the first page on Google for relevant keywords and has 8+ years of experience doing just this! Bogdan is obsessed with how Google Search results work, with content writing, and with figuring out effective PPC Campaigns. Bogdan works up to 10 hours a week as a contractor with SkillSoniq

Rob Romano
Full Stack Developer and Data Scientist (Contractor)
Rob pivoted into the world of tech a few years ago when he graduated from one of the top coding bootcamps in the world. He works with SkillSoniq as a Developer and Data Scientist, shipping product features quickly, setting up data pipelines and putting tech and data science processes in place to help scale our product. Rob has been an extremely quick learner from his “boot camp” days and this trait makes him a big asset for SkillSoniq. Rob works as a full-time contractor with SkillSoniq working 40 hours a week.

Brian Duggan
Full Stack Developer (Contractor)
Brian joined SkillSoniq early on as a Senior full stack developer and has been instrumental in creating all things tech at the company. Brian graduated from well known tech boot camps like General Assembly and Flatiron School and is an absolute genius when it comes to understanding user requirements and translating them into product features. Brian works as a part-time contractor with SkillSoniq working 10 hours a week

Justin Hauge
Sales Director (Contractor)
Justin was the 13th employee at Airbnb and now heads Sales for SkillSoniq. He knows everything about scaling up marketplaces, as he did just that in the last decade for Airbnb – leading marketplace for travelers and hosts. Justin comes with a wealth of experience in launching marketplaces in new cities, building sales organizations, and world-class customer services operations. We are extremely fortunate to have Justin as a part of the SkillSoniq team! Justin works as a part-time contractor with SkillSoniq working up to 40 hours a week.

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Key Deal Facts

In Q2 of 2020, SkillSoniq closed its first round of seed funding from 240+ investors.
SkillSoniq generated $350k in gross revenue in New York alone during its first year (2019), and has since launched in four additional cities
The majority of hiring managers (72%) in the U.S. are continuing or increasing their use of freelancers, especially as a result of the pandemic