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Vision Genetic testing and sequencing is just the startPredictiv plans to provide health and analytical data on virtually all aspects of health. While we are starting with genomic sequencing and genetic testing, we plan to launch a fully scaled health and medical data platform, which will also bring the world of nutrition and fitness into the future. 

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Mountain View, CA

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February 12, 2021
June 11, 2021
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ounded by recognized genomics experts, Sajung and Sijung Yun, and a serial entrepreneur with 2 successful exits, Alex Rochegude, Predictiv has been built on the academic expertise and the entrepreneurship experience that is required to change the way medicine is done today.

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A comprehensive solution to assess the level of risk on 16,000 diseases
The ability to simulate personalized reaction to 300+ drugs
A unique advanced genomics pipeline (>95% automated)
An A.I. engine validated at the FDA COVID-19 challenge
Two patents filed
Projected revenue of $70M by 2024
18 months to break even, and will have a 75% operating margin