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The Block Distilling Co.

The Block Distilling Co.

You want to know where your spirit came from. Drinking The Block means it was made from small batch grains from family farms and distilled in a family run operation that makes quality the paramount goal. When you invest in The Block you're investing in a company that is growing even through the pandemic, has the equipment in place to scale by 600%*, has previously raised over $1.5M in funding, and has just increased operational square footage to make sure there is room to grow. 

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Denver, CO

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February 03, 2021
April 30, 2021

Use of Proceeds


  • 92.5% towards expansion construction
  • 7.5% towards Wefunder fees


  • 60.7% to expansion construction
  • 28% to working capital and debt reduction
  • 3.8% towards additional distillery assistant
  • 7.5% towards Wefunder fees


Kraig Weaver
founder & distiller (The Dreamer)
Has an BS in engineering from Colorado School of Mines. Worked in industry for 5 years before founding and running a custom metal and woodwork design and fabrication company. Designed and built breweries, coffee shops, and The Block's tasting room.
Distillation is this beautiful balance of science, art, culinary, and chemistry. Getting nerdy into the details of the operation lets us control the flavor profiles of the spirit. Seeing that spirit go into bottles and then watching our patrons enjoy that drink with each other is the greatest reward we could ask for. Bonding over a good drink.

Michelle Weaver
founder & organizer (The Bookie)
Has a BA in psychology and a master's in clinical counseling. Worked in behavioral health for 10 years becoming a supervisor in charge of 30 employees and then a director in charge of all the supervisors. She keeps The Block on track and organized.

Kameron Weaver
founder & distiller (The Smarty Pants)
Has a BS in computer science from the Colorado School of Mines. Worked for Gates Corporation for 3 years. Created an automation interface touchscreen to control the temperatures and agitator speed/rotation for our fermenters from scratch.

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Security Title: Class AAA Preferred Membership Interests

Price per Unit: $2.72

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Key Deal Facts

Raised $1.5M from angel investors.
Grew 40% from year 1 to 2. Grew 18% year 2 to 3 (even through the pandemic).
Up to 6x production scale-up pending success of this round
Sold 120,000 drinks and 8,000 bottles in house since opening
$1.85M in cumulative sales since opening.
Run by 2 engineers and a licensed professional counselor.