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Counter-Intuitive Cooking

Counter-Intuitive Cooking

We started this company because we really want a SueChef in our homes. We keep fighting not only because we want a SueChef, but because we think the rest of the world will want one too (and our consumer research supports that).

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Sykesville, MD

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Consumer Products
February 17, 2021
April 30, 2022
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Use of Proceeds


  • 93.5% for manufacturing of a production prototype to perform consumer testing, market certifications, production tweaks, and for use in marketing material
  • 6.5% Wefunder fee


  • 40% for manufacturing of several prototypes
  • 10% for finalization of consumer app
  • 43.5% for launch of marketing campaign for presale
  • 6.5% Wefunder fee


Maxwell Wieder
CEO and Co-Founder
Max is a systems engineer working on space systems as a contractor to NASA. His experience with system design and cross organizational communications and interactions provides a unique skill set of managing people and system design that is critical.

Eddie Holzinger
CTO and Co-Founder
Eddie works on government communication systems with a focus on secure mobility. He has a passion for problem solving and creating resilient secure networking solutions for his customers. He strives to ensure that SueChef user data remains private.

Clayton James
Clayton has been involved in the growth and development of many companies across multiple verticals over the last 10 years. He was the founder of Lyra where he installed operations in 8 states in a year. His support will help CICI grow and flourish.

Scott D Waterfall
Mechanical Engineering Contractor
I am a Mechanical Designer/Machinist with over 40 years experience ranging from photographic, medical, Gov't contracting, etc.

Guy Roberts
Electrical Engineering Contractor
Guy has extensive experience in electronic design at the board and system level. His most recent position was with Zebra Technologies where he developed RFID products for industrial and retail applications.

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Key Deal Facts

Eating out is 325% more expensive than eating a premade meal at home.
Using SueChef twice a week instead of eating out could save consumers over $500 a year!
Strong consumer demand as demonstrated by consumer surveys of over 550 individuals.
Our business model provides reoccurring revenue and isn't solely based on the one time product sale.
FoodTech Automation adoption has accelerated due to COVID and we're set to launch and grow quickly.
Works within the existing food ecosystem to provide food companies new market opportunities.