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We founded Grazr because we knew there had to be a better way to connect the local food chain.  After extensively researching the factors in play between farmers, consumers, and processors, Grazr was built to serve all three parties seamlessly.  We exist to establish meat acquisitions as a simple and local online experience. With Grazr, a farmer sells his or her livestock in shares, which are handled by a local processor and picked up or delivered straight to the customer. Simple, sustainable, direct from farm to you.

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Columbia, TN

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Preferred Stock
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Consumer Products
February 05, 2021
May 20, 2021

Use of Proceeds


  • 25% towards sales and marketing
  • 43.5% towards platform development (platform launch, new feature implementation and maintenance)
  • 6.5% towards WeFunder fees
  • 25% toward 12 months of overhead costs


  • 26.0% towards sales and marketing
  • 60% towards platform development (platform launch, new feature implementation and maintenance)
  • 6.5% towards WeFunder fees
  • 7.5% toward 18 months of overhead costs


Thomas Cunningham
Chief Executive Officer
First generation rancher and ag tech entrepreneur in middle Tennessee.

Anthony Laney Chief Technology Officer
Tenured in Legal Technology helping organizations grow and expand their technology offerings.

Steven Neusse
Public Relations Officer

Thomas Cunningham

Anthony Laney
Co-Founder and CTO of Grazr.

Deal Structure

Price per Share: $0.31

Deal Perks

  • $1,000+ Grazr "Seed Investor" Logo T-Shirt
  • $2,500+ Grazr Logo Trucker Hat

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Key Deal Facts

Marketplace platform built for live-on-the-hoof, direct-to-customer meat sales.
835 small processors nationwide and processing $91 billion annually.
Covid-19 has driven consumers outside of the traditional supply chain towards secure local sourcing
We are lowering the environmental impact of the meat we consume through hyperlocal food sourcing.
As much as 50% of farmers costs tied up in cost to bring animal from farm to market