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Hiatus Wine

Hiatus Wine

Hiatus Wine grew out of a decade of passion for Kansas Wine. Growing grapes and making wine has always been our hiatus, and we want to spark that wine joy in others. From the chaos of 2020, we decided to forge a new path and open our own winery.

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Wamego, KS

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February 18, 2021
May 05, 2021

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  • Operating capital: $47,000
  • Mainvest Compensation: $3,000


Benjamin Gaeddert
Ben is possibly the only native Kansan whose second grade homeschool curriculum included a winemaking unit; needless to say, his parents fostered an interest in wine.  In 2011, he worked his first vintage at a local winery, where he continued in a number of different capacities through college and the beginning of his Social Work career.  In 2012, he completed Oklahoma State University Extension’s Grape Management certificate and achieved the accreditation as a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators.  Since then he has participated, and supervised others, in every step of the vineyard and winemaking processes from planting new grape vines through bottling and selling their finished product at multiple commercial wineries in Kansas.  While a student at the University of Kansas, he managed a farm winery outlet and after graduating, obtained Social Work licensure. Most recently Ben worked in the behavioral health field through crisis-intervention work with US Military Veterans and Active Duty Servicepeople.  This experience reinforced Ben’s calm demeanor and enhanced his  interpersonal communication and guidance skills. In early 2020, Ben returned to full-time work in the Kansas Wine industry, providing contract vineyard management and winemaking assistance to multiple local wineries, before building on these successes to establish Hiatus Wine  He is currently building on his CSW credential to obtain recognition as a Certified Sommelier and is preparing to sit the Certified Wine Educator examinations in 2021. Hiatus Wine’s education, team building, and corporate events are a synthesis of Ben’s clinical experience  and  his contagious passion for wine.  Ben hopes to fuse his experience producing countless tons of grapes and thousands of gallons of wine with his broad-reaching curiosity about all things oenological to produce innovative and exciting Kansas wines.   When he’s not drinking, thinking about drinking, or making things to drink, Ben enjoys eating good food.  He also likes his wife/business partner Henri, his pets, and a good book.

Henri Gaeddert
Business Manager/Owner
Henri’s interest in agriculture began young when she watched her mother work in greenhouses, vineyards, care for horses, and become a successful urban gardener. These experiences led her to explore on-the-job training at a local winery in harvesting, pruning, production assistance, and providing wine tasting services. Henri has taken part in several group gardening projects, including assisting her mother, over many years. Henri brings other job experiences to this ownership endeavor including providing direct services to clients, social media management, organizational development, database entry, event planning and executing, and Board of Directors leadership. Henri’s Anthropology degree from the University of Kansas has provided her with valuable interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity and empathy. Henri shows dedication to her values and culture by completing an additional degree in Jewish Studies. Henri’s ability to manage difficult circumstances with ease and maintain orderliness will make her an excellent business owner. Henri’s perseverance and ability to quickly and efficiently problem-solve makes her an incredible asset to any business. Henri actively pursues knowledge and is increasing her business management skills through watching and attending online webinars, such as from the Kansas Small Business Development Center. Henri will be pursuing a Certified Specialist of Wine certification along with a Sommelier certification during the summer of 2021. Henri dedicates herself to her work during the day, then enjoys spending her evenings with her husband, pets, and a good glass of Chianti. 

Devin Schneider
Winery Assistant
Devin feels just as comfortable behind the tasting room counter as he does between the vines. Several years ago a friend told him about a job opportunity that would give him a chance to stretch his legs outside a kitchen and a chance for fresh air. Starting as a pruner at the local vineyard, he continued for the next few years, trying his hand at every aspect of the wine process that they would allow him. He stomped peaches and led tastings, pruned in the snow and started to love conversations about wine. He found the whole process from vine to bottle engrossing and loved meeting people along the way that felt the same. He believes that the love of wine is universal and allows us opportunities to connect with people around the globe.Devin plans to begin working towards a CSW certification, and would like to continue his education beyond that. After finishing his Bachelors of Visual Arts, he will begin taking classes about viticulture so that he may continue to grow as a vintner and improve his ability to make quality wine. He hopes to show that Kansas wine is worthy of being part of the world’s wine culture.

Sara McClelland
Sara grew up in Louisiana, moved to Kansas, earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at KU, and just never left. Her love for agriculture began on a small organic vegetable farm. She worked there for two seasons, learning about sustainable practices and the peace that can be found working with your hands outdoors. Sara’s passion solidified when she was hired at a local winery. She was able to be involved in every stage of the winemaking process and found it fascinating. Sara is excited to bring mindful, sustainable practices and her viticulture experience to Hiatus Wine.

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If you invest $100, the business agrees to share a portion of their revenue until you have been repaid $200. They will owe you this amount by 1/1/2025, regardless of revenue.

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Key Deal Facts

We secured a lease for our space in the 456 Wineries Incubator in October, 2020.
Hiatus Wine held its first virtual class in November, 2020.
We received our Kansas Farm Winery License in January, 2021.
We will begin wine production in April, 2021.