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Jetson is an online marketplace that works with voice-activated assistants, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, to facilitate online shopping and enable brands of all sizes to sell their products/services through conversational interfaces.

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February 19, 2021
May 01, 2021
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Peter Peng
Chairman, Founder, CEO
Peter Peng, Founder and CEO: With over 12 years of experience leading companies in both software and hardware, Peter has a passion for crafting new user experiences surrounding emerging technologies. In 2014, Peter was one of the first in the world to lock/unlock a smart lock with Google Glass using voice and visual interfaces. His passion for the commercialization of AI through voice is what lead to the creation of Jetson, an intelligent voice commerce platform. Peter holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida.

Heber Maughan
Chief Financial Officer
Heber joined Jetson in 2019 to serve as the company’s CFO. He is also the owner of MaughanSullivan, an accounting and financial services firm, and Maughan and Associate, a tax and business consulting firm. Prior to that, he was the VP and treasurer of MonaVie and the CFO of InnerLight WorldWide. He has also served in C-suite level roles at Star Bridge Systems and Paradigm Medical Industries. He earned his master’s in accountancy from BYU and his BS in accounting and finance from Oklahoma State University. 

John Caparella
John is a hospitality executive with over 35 years of experience in the hotel and entertainment industries. Most notably, John served as the President and COO of The Venetian / Palazzo and COO of Gaylord Hotels.

Brian Garr
Brian Garr has spent 22 years building, marketing, and selling AI technologies and solutions, including machine translation, speech recognition, and natural language understanding. He was formerly the CEO of Linguasys, COO of Cognitive Code, as well as Program Director for IBM.

Roger Luo PHD
Roger is a top industrial researcher in the field of AI/ML/Data Mining. Roger was most recently the research and engineering manager at Snap Inc., and was formerly a senior research manager at Yahoo! Labs

Chris Fine
Chris is a highly respected industry analyst, strategist and technologist and is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events. His career background includes over 25 years in engineering, IT, and advisory roles at Goldman Sachs.

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Discount: 20%

Maturity Date: 02/01/23

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Key Deal Facts

Global digital commerce sales are expected to near $6 trillion by 2022 and the voice commerce market is predicted to reach over $80 billion per year 2023.
Jetson has previously raised ~$2.8 million from investors and signed partnerships with Postmates, Shopify, Amazon Pay, Chowly,, Nexmo (the Vonage API platform), and Square.
As of November 2020, our voice-first marketplace has 13,150+ merchants, up from 138 in October 2019, as well as 1.46 million+ products.