Evrmore is the first social + mentor platform that helps young people speak their truth to stay on track.

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New York, NY

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February 08, 2021
March 01, 2022
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Price Per Share: $1.00

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  •  37% for launch of D2C app (phase I) in app store iOS, and for development of app for Apple Watch. 30% for development of evrmore social analytics dashboard (phase II). 25.5% for development and launch of Alexa Skills for evrmore.7.5% Wefunder fee.


  •  40.5% to increase BD capacity and expand current education and health partnership systems. 37% to increase BD capacity and build institution partnerships and provide access to mentor & therapist networks. 15% to develop features to include learning and patient outcome (integration with health systems and EHR).7.5% Wefunder fee.


Ivy Mahscio, Founder + CEO
A champion for human potential with a 20+ year category-defining product management portfolio that includes GE, J&J, Microsoft, and Nike. evrmore is a culmination of Ivy's expertise domains to address the trauma and despair being compounded at scale.

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Key Deal Facts

30k users + explosive traction at 583% user growth per month
Headstream Accelerator 2021 Finalist with support from Melinda Gates' Pivotal Ventures
6-8 B2B customer contract intents from health and education worth $600k
$8 trillion market for augmented health and social learning
Advisory team from Inc. 5000 voice technology and patient research companies
Defensible positioning with 2x provisional IPs for Empathy AI owned by evrmore
The Clubhouse for equity of opportunity and social mobility
Social tech backlashes + COVID aftermaths will continue to demand for digital wellness