Interfacing with the healthcare system is notoriously challenging. Scheduling appointments, determining insurance coverage, traveling, waiting, testing, scanning, picking up prescriptions, etc.…the list of manual tasks goes on and on. 

At InnaMed, we have reimagined a major part of this journey: we make monitoring and analyzing blood test data fast and seamless, and we’re also creating a one-stop platform through which you can access and experience digital health services.

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Philadelphia, PA

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February 19, 2021
April 30, 2022
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Price Per Share: $1.00

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  • 96.25% - Research and development materials and contractors 3.75% - Wefunder intermediary fee


  • 40% of funds would be used towards research and development materials and contractors. 40% of funds would be used for payroll. 16.25% - Facilities, marketing and legal purposes. 3.75% - Wefunder intermediary fee


Eshwar Inapuri, CEO
Y Combinator-backed founder and bioengineer. Previously conducted R&D at UPenn for 4+ years combining microfluidics, optics and cloud computing to develop proteomics. Work published in PNAS and exclusively licensed to another venture-backed startup.

Anup Singh, CSO
Y Combinator-backed founder and biophysicist. Previously conducted R&D for 5+ years at UCLA and UPenn on early detection of cancers and traumatic brain injury. Invited conference speaker topics ranging from precision medicine to space health.

Tom Larson, Commercial Development Lead
Executive with 25+ years of experience in the biopharma and diagnostics industries. Most recently served as Chief Commercial Officer of Ascendis Pharma. Led launches of some of the most successful drugs including Humira and Pradaxa.

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Key Deal Facts

Raised $2M+, backed by Y Combinator and leading Silicon Valley investors
$1.4M+ in revenue in 2020 (6x YoY) from ongoing, multi-year pharmaceutical R&D collaborations
Received grants from NASA and US Dept. of Health & Human Services for innovative HomeLab® technology
9 patent applications and 5 peer-reviewed publications on technology
Initially targeted towards specific clinical applications totaling $5B+ in market potential
Led by innovators from UPenn and experienced execs from UCSF, Duke, $ASND, $ABT, and $CDNA