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Engen Bio

EnGen Bio's lead program focuses on developing an effective, easy-to-manufacture, shelf-stable vaccine and therapy to confer long-term immunity to all Type A influenza strains, including all flu pandemics, all Type A seasonal flus, and all animal flus. 

Our goal: with one or two shots, you could be protected from the worst seasonal influenza viruses, and all pandemic influenza strains for life. Or, if you have already been exposed or have come down with the flu, our therapy could offer you a treatment. 

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Redwood City, CA

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March 11, 2021
April 30, 2022
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  • 34% towards research and development, 52% towards operations and salary, 8% legal/IP and taxes, 6% Wefunder intermediary fee


  • 60% towards research and development, 31% towards operations and salary, 3% legal/IP and taxes, 6% Wefunder intermediary fee 


Dr. Mark Alfenito, President & CEO
20+yr serial biotech entrepreneur | $600M in corporate deals/transactions | 3 founded pharmaceutical startups | 2 IPO | 1 acquisition | 13 patents | Cornell (BS) | Harvard (MS/PhD Cellular & Developmental Biology) | Post-doctoral Fellowship Stanford
We were developing a universal influenza vaccine and therapy well before the Covid-19 Pandemic started. Our team is driven to identify potentially transformative treatments and preventions for difficult diseases, -flu is a great place to start!

Dr. Mark Baer Vice President of Research
20+yr R&D of therapeutic antibodies | 20+ groundbreaking academic papers | 16 issued patents | Cornell University (BA) | UNC Chapel Hill (PhD Biochemistry) | Post-doctoral fellowship (National Cancer Institute)

Dr. Geoff Yarranton Science Advisor
35+yr biotech veteran | 20+yr C-level exec | 3 FDA-approved pharmaceuticals (Mylotarg, Bexxar, Cimzia) | 2 successful bio/pharma mergers (including IPO) | 36 US patents | University of Leicester (BSc, Hons) | NIMR (PhD) | Post-doctoral fellowship MIT

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Key Deal Facts

Potential for lifetime immunity against the worst strains of flu and prevention of all flu pandemics.
Our vaccine could save 50K-250K lives a year and prevent untold suffering of millions caused by flu.
Veterinary applications to prevent all swine, avian, equine and canine influenza and pandemics.
Peak sales could reach 2.6B in the U.S. alone, in an $11.4B global market (not guaranteed).
7 issued flu vaccine patents in major strategic markets.
Potential for early liquidity.
Experienced team of entrepreneurs with a combined total of 6 FDA approved drugs and >50 patents.
>50% of our lead investors are biotech execs and MDs who've vetted the science & its potential.