Tadah! Foods

Tadah! Foods

Tadah! Foods is a mission-based food CPG company whose ultimate goal is to not only improve the way people eat but to give back to those in need. Over-stimulated and continually disappointed consumers begin to, over time, close themselves off to new experiences, new cultures, new foods. The modern shopper has become jaded and in many cases distrustful of large food companies. While huge companies are duking it out with their own version of heavily processed plant-based meat TaDah! is delighting consumers with plant-based foods that are authentic,...

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Springfield, VA

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Food & Bev
March 24, 2021
April 30, 2022
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Price Per Share: $1.00

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  • 15% towards marketing, sales efforts and product promotion, 62.5% towards product and inventory and 15% towards hiring and 7.5% toward Wefunder Fees


  • 25% towards marketing, sales efforts and product promotion, 32.5% towards product and inventory, 20% toward debt reduction and 15% towards hiring and 7.5% toward Wefunder Fees


John Sorial, Founder & Managing Partner
Food CPG Executive, former VP of Consumer Marketing & Sales at Primus Telecom, Director of Acquisition Marketing at Time Warner-AOL, BS in Chemical Engineering Johns Hopkins University. Shark Tank Alum.

Mark Guirgis, CFO
Over 25 years of senior financial experience with public and private companies, commercial, governmental and non-profit organizations.

John Sorial, CEO

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Key Deal Facts

Over $10M in sales with consumers who are "obsessed" with TaDah's flavor focused plant-based line
2020 net sales up over 250% from 2019. On track to do over $2.5M in 2021 (not guaranteed)
Leveraged Shark Tank exposure to gain an additional 146M+ of online impressions 40+ media outlets
Sold nationwide at marque retailers like Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, Publix, Harris Teeter and Wegmans.
Found in 3500+ retail locations, Tadah! Foods is poised for 14-16X grow over next 5 yrs (not guaranteed)
Established industry relationships and scalable infrastructure to grow TaDah! Foods to new heights.