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Red Hat Coffee

That's easy- To bring your daily drink to life. When did at-home coffee become so boring, and when did good coffee become so expensive? We have simple goals that we aim for relentlessly: to make coffee delicious, to only use plant-based ingredients, and to spark delight in a daily routine all while encouraging your creative endeavors along the way.

We admire the courage and individuality of our peers, and we want people to feel the same about our products. We aim to create coffee that lifts your spirits while energizing you thro...

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Austin, TX

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Food & Bev
March 10, 2021
April 30, 2021
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Price Per Share: $1.00

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  • 65% towards COGS (one production run), 22.5% towards sales reps, 5% towards marketing, 7.5% towards Wefunder fees


  • 65% towards COGS (four production runs), 22.5% towards sales reps, 5% towards marketing, 7.5% towards Wefunder fees


James Darenkamp, Cofounder & CFO
Over 15 years of financial management & market analysis for Fortune 500 companies, operations & production consulting for craft breweries/distilleries, business development & account management for major retailers.

Ryan King Cofounder & CEO
Over 11 years in supply chain & logistics in the U.S. Navy, beverage production & formulation expertise, craft beverage consulting, distribution management for nationwide sales.

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Key Deal Facts

Annualized revenue run rate of $800K in 2020. Projecting 2021 revenue between $1.3M-$2.6M.
We partnered with Oatly and launched our oat milk lattes in June of 2020!
Product is on shelves in Southern California, Central Texas, and NYC.
Authorized in ~225 Target stores that service a population of 30 million people in CA, NY, & TX.
Launched in Target in 2018, Amazon (July 2020), H-E-B (January 2021), and Whole Foods (March 2021).
Our focus on uniquely flavored coffee beverages is in line with consumer desires.
Our health focused products are low in calories & sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free, all-natural.
Oat milk puts us on a path to reach global climate goals of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.