4th Ave Market

4th Ave Market

Largest Black Owned online retail platform for communities of color to discover, buy, sell and profit from the Beauty, Health and Wellness products specifically made for them. While our platform is relevant to many product categories, we are starting with a focus on Textured Hair Care due to the category size, growth rate and high consumer dissatisfaction. 

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Philadelphia, PA

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Consumer Goods
March 11, 2021
April 30, 2022
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Price Per Share: $1.00

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  • 55.5% towards Marketing of the platform; 37% to cover the cost of operations (contractors, creative development, Legal, Accounting, etc.) 7.5% Wefunder fee


  • 74% towards Marketing of the platform; 18.5% to cover the cost of operations (contractors, creative development, Legal, Accounting, etc.); 7.5% Wefunder fee


Salim Holder, Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Global Marketing leader with 10+ years of experience turning around declining sales; re-engaging consumers in stale product categories; and, delivering double-digit growth in revenue and unprecedented gains in profit for five top Fortune 500 brands.
Textured Hair Care is more than a $2Bn market and the fastest growing segment of the hair care industry. Blacks are 85% of sales, yet 7% of store owners. Traditional retailers consistently fail to meet the needs of this community, despite the oversized spending power. Frustrated by the lack of alternatives, we decided to create our own platform.

Timothy Wells, Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer
Software Engineer with 15 years experience managing inventory systems, Quality and Performance testing with top companies including Urban Outfitters, Burlington Coat Factory, Livingsocial.com and GitHub.

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Key Deal Facts

Help increase access, awareness and distribution of health & beauty products for communities of color
Team has worked with Fortune 500 brands including Urban Outfitters, GitHub, Jameson, Kotex and Axe
High Growth! 2020 Sales +1274% vs. 2019
Established partnerships with Hampton University, Conde Nast, UPS and other community organizations
Business model generates profit while reinvesting directly back into communities of color.