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Vision Grow to 100K+ paying users by the end of 2023Slate Click plans to continue growing our platforms' recognition and access – expanding Casting Calls America and now Crew Calls America – through targeted marketing and word-of-mouth from our strong social media presence. We are targeting 100K+ paying subscribers by the end of 2023, or nearly $15M ARR.

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April 02, 2021
April 16, 2021


Brian Jagger, Co-Founder, Partner and Chief Product Officer

Kirk Uhler, Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Heath, Co-Founder, Partner and Chief Technology Officer

Saylor Fisher, Director of Marketing

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Key Deal Facts

Operating SaaS platforms helping actors and film crew find work
Over 200K followers on social media
$115 average LTV/customer, with $10 CAC covered by activation fee
Official IMDbPro (an Amazon company) listing partner
$1.7M lifetime revenue
Available in 33+ U.S. cities, adding UK & MENA
Own several other SaaS brands serving the same audience