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Igloo Mountain Lodge

Igloo Mountain Lodge

Our sister company has 65K+ followers on Instagram and growing We're expecting similar traction.

Beautiful, accessible, and unserved location in WA holding the world record of snow for Mt Baker.

Our scaling model allows us to break ground with minimal funding, lowering risk of stalling out.

A+ rating on AIRDNA for location. AirDNA tracks the performance data of 10M Airbnb/VRBO rentals.

Evolving the glamping trend with unique igloos expertly curated with luxury amenities.

Our innovative service model uses half the staff of traditional hotels of the same capacity...

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Mount Baker, WA

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April 06, 2021
July 05, 2021
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Youri Benoiston
After the success of Igloo Beach Lodge in Costa Rica, he saw the more exciting possibilities of extending the concept internationally.

Mark Buehrer
Construction Consultant
Mark is the founder and director of 2020 ENGINEERING and is a recognized authority on green buildings. He is a registered professional civil engineer, author, and inventor.

Chris Minchella
Business Advisor
Chris Minchella is a commercial real estate broker and business advisor working with companies in the hospitality and CPG sectors.

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