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Arc (yc Alumni)

Arc (yc Alumni)

At Arc, we're making it easier to find remote work. We are a remote career platform that connects great developers with hiring companies. And we're committed to building the most frictionless remote job search and career-building experience.

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Palo Alto, CA

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A SAFE is an agreement between you—the investor—and the company in which the company promises to give you a future equity stake based on the amount you invested. It also involves some kind of a triggering event that must take place in order for you to get your future equity stake. Be careful as you may only get equity if a particular event is triggered.
April 07, 2021
July 06, 2021
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Weiting Liu, Founder & CEO

Gage Tseng, COO

Christine Orchard, Head of Marketing

Yu-tang Cheng, Product Lead, Arc

Mike Fossi, Vice President of Sales

Chien-Tung Ho, Head of Growth

Young Kim, Head of Design

Joyce Lee, Product Lead, Codementor

Yang-Hsing Lin, Director Of Engineering

Deal Perks

  • $500+ Arc and Codementor t-shirts and swag pack
  • $5,000+ Discounted access to hire Arc developers
  • $10,000+ Lunch with the CEO

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Key Deal Facts

$3M raised from Techstars, 500 Startups, Fabrice Grinda (Forbes #1 angel investor)
$3.9M revenue run rate, with new remote recruiting business growing at 470% YOY
Profitable, 47-person global team remotely distributed in 4 continents
750,000+ developers already in our network
Grew from Codementor, matched 110,000+ pairs of developers from 205 countries, and 200,000+ sessions