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Spinster Sisters Co

Spinster Sisters Co

Spinster Sisters Co.'s face and skincare products are made in Colorado with high-quality, clean ingredients and a focus on sustainability. We believe in cruelty-free, organic, toxin-free, and most importantly — effective — clean skin and face care. Our products are good for you, good for the planet, and made with ingredients you’ll actually recognize.

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Golden, CO

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April 22, 2021
May 07, 2021


Kelly Perkins, Founder & President + Formula Fanatic + The Dreamer of Dreams
30+ years Business Development — Innovator at Heart — The Original Spinster Sister

Craig Perkins, PhD, Chief Technical Officer
Scientist, 20+ years specializing in Surface Chemical Reactions, electronic structure, & hybrid organic-inorganic materials PhD in Chemistry – U of I, Chicago

Elliot Begoun, CPG Sherpa
30-year industry veteran, author, Founder of TIG, a customized accelerator focused on helping natural product brands grow. TIG works with entrepreneurs to build nimble, capital- efficient, resilient brands that become tardigrades not unicorns.

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Key Deal Facts

3.75x growth in DTC and 4.7x growth in natural grocery
Whole Foods Market 2020 Local Supplier of the Year (Rocky Mtn)
$1.4M revenue in 2020
Distributed across 2k+ stores nationwide and online
Kickfurther Growth Giveaway and Nexty Award winners in 2020
58% total gross margin