S.I. Container Builds

S.I. Container Builds

S.I. Container Builds converts gently used shipping containers into purpose-built housing and office space for homeowners across the US and Canada. We focus on creating a sustainable starting point for any build and guide our clients through the design process to address their individual needs.

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Highland Park, IL

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April 22, 2021
October 19, 2021
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Rory Rubin, CEO
Rory founded S.I. Container Builds to support a need for people to create affordable dwellings that are sustainable; leaving softer footprints, never compromising beauty inside and out. She has spent a lifetime around architects and construction managers, as well as having a more formal education in art history.

Dan Rubin, COO/CFO
Dan's passion for nature and sustainable living began over 25 years ago when he and his wife Rory traveled throughout the world. Dan believes that we have a responsibility to future generations to create a smaller footprints, but not compromising lower costs or amenities.

Matthew Roy, EVP, Operations (Canada)
Matthew comes from a quaint town in Southern Ontario where he caught the entrepreneurial bug at an early age. He adapted his skills to start small businesses that utilize his hand-on and creative skills, and brings all of those skills to S.I. Container Builds as a founder.

Trip Hosley, EVP, Business Development
Trip is an entrepreneur with startup experience in both the high tech and service industries. He has over 30 years of experience in sales and in hospitality, as well as in residential and commercial construction/ renovation. As a sales leader, he increased revenues by more than 500% in 18 months as part of a leading consumer products company.

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Key Deal Facts

Sizeable Growth Market: 120,000 similar units built each year in U.S.; growing at a quick pace
Sustainability: Eco-friendly design and products; a key priority of S.I. Builds' CEO and her vision
High-Margin Product with Quick ROI: Ability to earn revenue through backyard business and short-term rentals