Dome Audio

The Future of Sound

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Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Offering Date
May 18, 2021
Expected Close Date
August 17, 2022
Amount Raised
Target Raise
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Number of Employees
Short Term Debt
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Long Term Debt
Net Income

Company Description

Dome Audio is the multi-patent holder of the world’s first Quad Bone Conduction fidelity, Dual Air-Bone Conduction fidelity, Surreal Sound, Bluetooth headphone. Dome’s technology inherently combines a unique audio experience with limitless fashion capability and brand collaborative opportunities (via licensing, i.e., mobile billboards, a.k.a headphone real estate) in one unmistakable design. Music lovers from all walks of life will instinctively love the features and versatility. At the same time, celebrities and brands admire the possibilities of seamlessly collaborating via showcasing their brand with a ubiquitous technology platform found only with Dome Audio.

Key Deal Facts

Electronics Development
Designed schematic circuit with Bill of Materials (BOM)
Designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Received independent design review.
Received initial PCB prototypes.
Developed firmware and software.
Enclosure/Mechanical Development
3D computer models.
Prepared 3D model for high-pressure injection molding
Designed retail packaging.
Prototyped packaging
Developed Asset Portfolio
Created, tested, and implemented Facebook advertising.
Initiated negotiations with brand influencers and brand ambassadors

Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

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