Mama's Best Bakery

Mama's Best Bakery

Cooking up homemade breads, pies, cookies, macarons, cookies, and other baked goods from scratch for the Twin Falls area. Made-to-order for you!

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Security Type
Revenue Sharing
Min Investment
Twin Falls, ID
Min Raise
Offering Date
June 04, 2021
Max Raise
Expected Close Date
September 02, 2021
Amount Raised
Security Price

Use of Proceeds

  • Equipment and Building Needs: $47,180
  • Rent/Utilities: $12,000
  • Salary/Wages: $41,400
  • Mainvest Compensation: $6,420


Diana Blaylock, Owner, Head Baker
The mama herself. Diana learned baking from her own mama, and built a successful business from scratch, becoming a cornerstone of the local farmer's market and other events. She spends her free time watching baking videos, perfecting her recipes, networking with local professionals, and laughing with her customers.

Michael Blaylock, Business Manager
The business man and chief taster. Michael keeps things running in the background, balancing the budget, keeping up the inventory, planning menus, and otherwise bringing Mama's magic into the real world.

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Security Description

Revenue Sharing is a form of lending that involves sharing revenue from the business with investors as return on their investment. It is often a fixed percentage of revenue and you are paid until you earn a total return on your investment.

Key Deal Facts

Quality food--No mixes, no shortcuts. Everything at Mama's Best is from scratch and full of love!
Smiles--You are welcome here. Everyone who has ever had the pleasure of interacting with us knows that we're here to spread joy in the Magic Valley!
Community--Bringing local people and businesses together at the table. We want to connect people with other people who can fill needs and make dreams a reality! All this can happen over a good donut too.
Regularly selling out at local vendor shows and farmer's markets.
We have a growing number of followers on social media, hovering near 900!
Multiple coffee shops have approached us about wholesale goodies around town.