The Hydrogen Group

The Hydrogen Group

A Social Impact Company with the Conscious Capital Goal of doing good

Our invention reduces diesel fuel emissions from 25-50% and saves 27% in diesel fuel costs. Proof of concept established with two Patents. Capturing just 2.6% of the US trucking industry equals over $1 BILLION in sales!

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Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Casselberry, FL
Offering Date
June 09, 2021
Security Price

Use of Proceeds

  • Investor Relations Manager
  • Prototype Modification
  • Prototype Tests
  • Track Testing Certification
  • HORIBA Emissions Testing
  • Engineering Design Recommendations
  • Final Design Modifications
  • Fleet Case Study
  • PIT Group Go To Market Support
  • Engineering/Production Design/Molds
  • Sourcing
  • Material and Supplies
  • Operating
  • Working Capital Reserve
  • Reserve-CEO life insurance premium


John Lamar, Engineer Consultant
Roger Hawkins, Director
William Murray, Investor Relations Manager
Roger Bess, Director
Armand Dauplaise, CEO

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Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

Key Deal Facts

We have already raised $1.88 Million.
2 patents have been issued for The Hydrogen Group's diesel fuel-saving device.
We're helping to ensure America's Energy Independence by saving the trucking industry 27% in fuel costs.
We're improving the air we breath by reducing diesel fuel emissions by up to 50%.
We have a top notch team, including a former NASA engineer.
We plan to go to market later this year.
We will surpass $1 BILLION in sales when we sell just 2.5% of the existing 3.6 million diesel tractors on US highways. This is just over 66,000 units sold at $15,000 each!