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Aeroponics Cultivation System: Huge Crop Yield Boost.

Aerobloom is a proprietary, patent-pending aeroponics cultivation system that reliably achieves 2-3x the crop yields of leading hydroponics methods used in commercial cannabis cultivation, and produces higher-quality harvests. Due to an increased speed of maturity during the flowering cycle, AeroBloom systems also allow for one additional crop cycle per year.

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Min Investment
Irving, CA
Offering Date
July 07, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 05, 2021


Dale Devore, Chairman, CTO
Dale has spent 30 years developing proprietary aeroponics systems. He has designed, built and used them specifically to grow cannabis for decades. Dale often compared notes directly with NASA's Richard Stoner - lead scientist in aeroponics research.

Darren Walz, CEO
Darren managed a staff of over 40 employees at the highly successful Cafe Canna Cabana, along with the aeroponics technology's inventor Dale Devore, They had over 15,000 loyal patients and a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Weedmaps with 920 reviews.

Victoria Duff, CFO/Treasurer
I973 to 1997, Victoria was one of the first female institutional bond brokers in top-tier Wall Street, fund manager, and Asset/Liability manager of the 4th largest S&L. In 1997 she opened a startup consulting business.

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Key Deal Facts

We have impressive market potential in Cannabis and CEA food production sectors due to yields of 2-4x vs hydroponics
Farmers can recoup the system cost from their 1st harvest (cannabis), then harvest every two months
The joint venture between AeroBloom & Petro Control Systems to produce advanced AI & robotics CEA technology
In strategic partnership discussions with a major solar company to provide solar arrays to power our systems
Patent-pending aeroponics technology 30 years in development creates the highest-yielding aeroponic system on the market
Our competitors have been very successful selling far inferior "sprinkler-head-in-a-box" systems
Large cultivation projects in negotiation in the US and Mexico
Your investment in AIS/AeroBloom supports reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly agricultur