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PREPPS is the World's 1st database that allows colleges to search, connect and recruit students digitally. PREPPS is the first-ever marketplace that allows colleges to search students by career interest, matching their academic program to the student, and connect with them directly.

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Min Investment
New Haven, CT
Offering Date
July 28, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2022


Christian Dupervil, Co-Founder & Chief Connections
OfficerMaster’s degree in Higher Education Administration; Bachelor’s degree in Marketing; 7 years of progressive experience in college admissions. Dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Derek Cromwell, Co-Founder & Youth Empowerment Officer
Recruiter for the Marines. A strong advocate of better education for America's Next Generation.

Nicole Givens, Vice President of Partnerships
My 15+ years working in the higher education field has always been driven by my passion to provide students with ‘Choice’ and ‘Opportunity’, which aligns with the focus of Prepps.

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Key Deal Facts

Through Prepps, elite colleges can fulfill diversity commitments by reaching low-income communities.
World's 1st database that allows colleges to search, connect, and recruit students digitally.
Revenue projection of $11.5M in year 1; $26.4M in year 2 and $55.7M in year 3.
Up to 80% reduction in advertising spend for colleges; currently at 40% of their tuition revenue.
More opportunities for students from low-income districts to apply to elite institutions.
$10Billion College Recruitment Industry; PREPPS aims to be the market leader