Connecting contractors & skilled laborers efficiently and safely

Mobile applications enabling connections between hiring contractors and labor workers. Contractors can simply sign up & click a button to find contract laborers on-demand based on their specs, i.e. proximity to site, hourly rate, skillset, reviews, etc. Workers can simply sign up & receive local job requests. Prior to accepting, workers can review contractor ratings by other workers and avoid problem contractors and exploitation.

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Austin, TX
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June 24, 2021
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Phil Pompa, CEO
Phil Pompa is a market experienced Chief Executive Officer & serial entrepreneur. Phil was CEO of a publicly traded company, Sigmatel (SGTL), where he managed the sale to Freescale in 2008. Phil is on the Board of Directors for the Latino Business Action Network (501c3) and is an active angel investor / advisor in early-stage startups and distressed real estate investments in Central Texas. Phil has a unique background in technology and construction / real estate. He grew up in a construction family and currently invests in distressed commercial and residential properties. Phil received his BSEE and MBA from Stanford University.

Rudy Rucoba, Founder
Rodolfo "Rudy" Rucoba, our superstar founder, is our construction & labor expert. Rudy created this company to fix labor inefficiencies in the construction industry. Rudy is Founder & President of Rucoba & Maya Construction; a concrete & storm-sewer construction business in Austin, Texas. Rudy received a B. S. in Construction Science from Texas A&M University.

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Key Deal Facts

An Open Market Platform to increase construction industry employment in a $1 Billion + Total Addressable Market.
Severe Labor Shortage as industry expands post COVID. Labor shortage may become more acute if Congress passes infrastructure bill.
Number of Construction workers are decreasing per BLS and the industry relies on personal networks for employment.
We use smartphone apps to connect construction contractors with skilled contract labor.
Currently raising $100,000 to develop MVP.
Additional funding will enable updates to MVP and expansion throughout Texas.
Stellar team comprised of all experienced entrepreneurs who have grown their own companies. The team is experienced in technology, employment AND construction.