Enosi Life Sciences

Enosi Life Sciences

Expanding Visionary Autoimmune & Cancer Research and Combining Multiple Scientific Solutions to Achieve a Single Goal: Improving Lives

More than 30% of patients treated with life-changing therapeutics do not respond, or relapse, even with continued treatment. Enosi Life Sciences’ founders are building upon their Lasker Award-winning research to address and conquer these issues. 

Enosi’s founders are developing breakthrough biologics that will bring drugs with novel mechanisms of action, lower toxicity, and improved patient outcomes than traditional therapeutics. This will be the next generation of autoimmune, cancer, and acute inflammation therapies that induce disease regression and prevent relapse while reduci...

Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Eugene, OR
Offering Date
July 19, 2021
Security Price

Use of Proceeds

 $2.5M to be raised in current offerings for us to make significant progress (timeframe 1-2y). 

A total of $5M will carry the company through its first laboratory proof of concept studies (2-3y), which could make Enosi a candidate for acquisition by a larger biotech company. 

A total of $12.5M will be needed to power Enosi to its first clinical trial.


Dr. Jim Woody, Venture Capitalist, Founder, and Physician
Over 25 years of pharmaceutical research and management expertise.

Mr. Jeff Huitt, CEO
Jeff has more than 20 years' experience driving the financial function at start-ups and public companies.

Dr. Michael Shepard, CEO and Co-Founder
First FDA-approved monoclonal antibody therapy targeting breast cancer and other solid tumors...Herceptin.

Deal Perks

  • Investments at or above $5,000 are invited to a 30-minute Zoom to be scheduled with the Founders at the close of the campaign. This discussion will focus on an open Q&A and discussion on the science behind Enosi.

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Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

Key Deal Facts

Dr. Feldmann: Best known for inventing TNF Blockers (~$40B/year industry).
Dr. Shepard: Best known for the trastuzumab/Herceptin franchise of Genentech/Roche (~$10B/year).
Both are recipients of the Albert and Mary Lasker Award for Clinical Research .
These industry-leading experts will combine their talents, networks and experience to address the growing global health challenges of autoimmune diseases, cancer and acute inflammatory conditions.
The total autoimmune disease and TNF pathway drugs market is growing rapidly accelerating at a CAGR of nearly 10%