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Marketplace To Discover And Order Food

Foodvine is a new way to discover and order authentic food from home chefs, local farmers, food truck operators and more. On Foodvine, people from all cultures can sign up and sell authentic dishes. Our mission is to bring the world a little bit closer through something we all have in common. A love for great food.

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Dallas, TX
Offering Date
August 27, 2021
Expected Close Date
November 25, 2021


Jordan Sakala, Founder/CEO
Innovative thinker Jordan Sakala has worn many hats in the last decade, during which he served in the U.S. Navy as an Operation specialist, competed as an Ultra runner, and is an experienced investor in both public and private businesses.

Jonathan Vasu, CO-Founder
Prior to moving to the States and completing an MBA, Jonathan was based out of Germany and led muti-site engineering teams to develop an ADAS front camera for the automotive market. He has also worked and lived in the Netherlands and India

Kaitlyn Wojtaszek, Development Lead
Kaitlyn led the creation of a fantasy soccer startup from inception to launch within three years, with it now being valued at ~$3 million dollars.

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Key Deal Facts

30% cheaper than ordering from chain restaurant. Puts money back in the community.
Unlocking a massive market (serviceable addressable market of 42M customers in the USA alone)!
Robust revenue model based on commissions on food orders, live cooking classes & in- app promotions!
Democratizing the food Industry by lowering the barrier of entry in the restaurant business
$250k invested by Founder, $125k raised
Black founded