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Ringorang co-creator Robert Feeney experienced firsthand the impact of negative behaviors and sense of hopelessness they create. Both his older and younger brother struggled with illness and depression, and within a few years of each other both took their own lives. Robert was left with the impact of the loss, and hit rock bottom as he isolated himself from everyone. A decade went by as Robert worked to build his life back from tragedy. As he faced more struggles and recognized that he had also not fully dealt with his brothers’ deaths, he yearned for change. And then, he realized that the...

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Security Type
Preferred Stock
Min Investment
Wilmington, DE
Offering Date
September 02, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 01, 2021
Security Price

Use of Proceeds

  • ($250,000) 20% technology development - create browser-based version of the app which will enable an enterprise license and significant revenue capture with our existing Fortune 1000 customers; 7.5% Wefunder fee, 10.5% other costs of fundraise expenses towards marketing and financial reviews); 62% working capital for general operations.
  • ($1,070,000) 15% technology development - Gen 2 version of the Ringorang app which will include data mining and machine learning on the front end; 7.5% Wefunder fee; 10% cost of fundraise (expenses towards marketing and financial reviews); 15% sales and marketing - to hire more sales staff and launch a targeted online digital media campaign; 52.5% working capital for general operations.


Robert Feeney, President and Chief Vision Officer
Author of 6 tech/design patents. Spent early career with brands like Disney, CBS and Coca Cola. Led Ringorang through clinical trials with US Federal govt, national labs and universities. Published speaker on the art and science of gamification.

B Wayne Barkley, Chief Operating Officer
Multi-media innovator and author of 6 patents. "BW" invented the play pattern of Ringorang that started this revolution in behavior change. He was responsible for funding its prototyping and development, and ran product and company operations.

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Security Description

Preferred securities are a type of investment that generally offers some sort of preferred treatment through a dividend or preferred treatment in a liquidation.

Key Deal Facts

Adopted by multiple Fortune 500s + Fortune 50 (providing recurring revenue)
3 patents awarded to Ringorang’s behavior change methodology and functionality
$1M raised prior to Wefunder from HR and R&D executives
Fast customer adoption (under 2 hours) and high product margins at +65%
Co-Founder is a thought leader and speaker in the corporate learning & development industry
Board includes innovative change management experts & successfully exited entrepreneurs
Pipeline growth from 300K in Jan 2021 to over $1MM in July 2021