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Paid Exposure

Paid Exposure

Marketplace Where Promoters Get Paid and Businesses Get Exposure

Paid Exposure is developing a marketplace to help businesses of any size get valuable social media exposure by building their own team of promoters within their own community of supporters. By creating a trustworthy marketplace, anyone can gain more credibility with their sponsor history along with ratings & reviews that can help them build trust to get future sponsors. Our unique system allows businesses of any size to book influencers the same way we book rooms or flights, where promotions are automatically scheduled on specific dates and include all of the sponsor’s campaign details....

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Security Type
Min Investment
Toms River, NJ
Offering Date
September 09, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 08, 2021


Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr., CEO/Founder
Graduated with B.S. Finance Degree. Financial analyst for 10+ years (Last employer: AT&T). Gained entrepreneurial experience with an apparel company. Save multiple lives and became a co-founder of a nonprofit for mental health and suicide prevention

Kristen Zulueta, COO/Co-Founder
Managed the office at a multi-million dollar law firm for 16 years. Started a high-end steakhouse from the ground up as the General Manager. Handled operations as co-founder of an apparel company & nonprofit for mental health and suicide prevention.

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A SAFE is an agreement between you—the investor—and the company in which the company promises to give you a future equity stake based on the amount you invested. It also involves some kind of a triggering event that must take place in order for you to get your future equity stake. Be careful as you may only get equity if a particular event is triggered.

Key Deal Facts

National TV exposure on an episode of Money Court on CNBC with Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank.
The Influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $22B by 2022.
Partnered with Inked Magazine (15M+ social media followers) to build their own team of influencers.
Partnered with A3 Athletics to add their clients (NFL players) as promoters on our platform.
465% increase in searches for the phrase "influencer marketing" on Google alone since 2016.
There is an increase in support for local businesses due to the effects of the pandemic.
Influencers with <25K followers have the highest engagement rates (~7%), making them more effective
Founder graduated from Founder Institute, the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator.