The Security Oracle

The Security Oracle

A Catalyst For Change In Public Safety and Homeland Security

The Security Oracle, Inc. (TSO) is an AI-driven security defensive solutions provider with the ability to stop crimes safely, often in a few seconds. We use 5 autonomous robotic platforms: Robots in the Sky, on the Move, on the Rafters, on the Seas, and on the Rails. We are a Stage 4 company that has generated about $3.2 million in lifetime revenue, having plowed all profits back into the company. The founding team are visionary problem-solvers including former law enforcement officers, veterans, award-winning technologists, engineers, regulatory compliance experts, and manufacturing indust...

Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Clermont, FL
Offering Date
August 31, 2021
Expected Close Date
March 02, 2022
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Charles L Butler Jr. CPP, CEO, Chairman, Director, Secretary
Charles 35+ years in law enforcement, industrial security and consulting have been largely served in senior leadership positions in the USAF Security Forces, county E911 and the electric power industry, and 9 years in Europe working with military, law enforcement, and security authorities. He previously founded two successful security consultancies (Innovative Security Solutions and A Secure America, Inc.) and was Director of Security Programs at Gannett Fleming. Charles designed and implemented security projects collectively valued at $50+ million for energy, chemical, water, airports, seaports, dams, telecommunications, aviation, financial, criminal justice, transit and rail transportation, and military bases.
As a USAF Security Forces Officer, Charles commanded large security forces responsible for law enforcement, antiterrorism, and defense of nuclear weapons, aircraft, and space program assests that included space launch facilities He led development and testing of air base defense plans aimed at protecting air base communities, aircraft, critical infrastructure, and nuclear weapon systems from attack by terrorists and enemy special forces.
Charles is co-inventor of TSO Defense and Denial Method patented in the European Union, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada, and Patent Pending in the United States.
MPA from Troy University and BS from Southern Illinois University (SIU).

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Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

Key Deal Facts

In Production and Resilient: TSO crime-fighting Defense and Denial Robots have been credited with reducing crime as reported by clients and neighborhood residents. We have 5 years of operational excellence.
Market Presence: The U.S. non-defense cyber and physical security market is estimated to exceed $400 billion.
Unique Value Proposition and Unfair Advantage: TSO nine (9) global pioneering patents, 158 trademark registrations, and specialized know-how.