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Us Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group

Us Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group

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By empowering passionate people with advanced technology, USCHAG marries technology with a human touch to give control back to the people the system was created to serve. In doing so, the American consumer is able to choose a truly proactive approach that allows them to not only gain control over their healthcare, but to lead a more fulfilled, less stressful life. We plan for the unseen, the good times and the bad, the big and small. We are prepared so our members don’t have to be. Where there was once confusion, now there is clarity. Where you used to be alone, now you have USCHAG on your...

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Min Investment
Atlanta, GA
Offering Date
October 02, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 31, 2021


Heather Logrippo, CEO
Grew Internet Start up from 1M in revenue to 500M in revenue in 7 years during the dot com years (2000-2007) Serial Entrepreneur. Publisher, Creator and Chief Volunteer of 501c3

Kevin Roberts, COO
Retired Senior Chief with 25 year service to the US Coast Guard. Operational and Computational Ninja.

Nathan Owens, CTO
Graduated from Yale with an MBA at the age of 19, many successful exits including one to Space X, Architect of Disruptive technologies.

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Key Deal Facts

Advanced AI Data analysis delivered with a compassionate, human touch
1 human advocate capable of serving up to 1000 members
Our tech empowers patients via medical bill review, insurance review, medication analysis, etc.
Using IBM Watson our proprietary tech's capable of deep machine learning to provide low cost options
Founding team includes 2 serial entrepreneurs, total team of 10 already
We are independent of any insurance company, healthcare provider, or physician group