State-of-the-art food tech producing nutritious, upcycled ingredients at scale

NETZRO is currently preparing for a transformative stage of business growth. We are assembling capital resources and have built a team passionate about safe, scalable, and sustainable ways to reduce industrial food waste, while having an unparalleled impact on upcycled food potential.

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Min Investment
Minneapolis, MN
Offering Date
October 12, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 10, 2022
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Use of Proceeds

  •  Infrastructure at our new Wycliff location 
  • Automated loading conveyor 
  • Equipment & supplies 
  • Strategic model creation & growth consultant, and B2B marketing/sales consultant
  • Wefunder fees


Sue Marshall, Founder, CEO & CFO
Proudly lives in Minneapolis, MN. She spends her days managing NETZRO's business development, contract negotiation, community development and collaborative planning activities. Sue is a founding & board member of The Upcycled Food Association.

Garrick Villaume, Co-Founder, Chief Science & Technology Officer
A native of St. Paul, Garrick cherishes Minnesota’s natural beauty and innovative culture. Garrick designs processes and develops technology for solving complex resource challenges by replacing systemic deficiencies with sustainable businesses.

Reed Watson, VP of Strategic Growth and Operations
Reed is driven to help leaders, companies & teams be wildly successful by accelerating growth, whether it’s scaling up rapid growth in small/mid-cap & start-up companies, or building speed & double-digit growth in large companies.

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Key Deal Facts

Transforming food byproducts (eggshells, spent grain & more) into nutrient-rich ingredients.
Patent pending tech can be applied to various food byproducts.
Multiple food and beverage manufacturers have expressed interest in licensing our tech.
Selected for The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation Innovation Fund’s 2021 Cohort.
Majority women-owned business. Certified B Corp.
The upcycled food industry worth $46.7B+ in 2019 & expected to grow 5% annually over next 10 years.