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Flower City Union

Flower City Union

Soccer Club

Flower City Union aims to be a club for the community, rooted in our hometown. We are a professional soccer club committed to positively impacting the City of Rochester and its surrounding communities by fielding a competitive, championship-caliber club while supporting the development of youth soccer locally. Passion and inclusion are our North Star, guiding how we live, how we act, how we play, how we serve. Rather than being a sports business operating in Rochester, we are a Flower City Business operating in sport. As such, we acknowledge our responsibility in nurturing social and e...

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Sports & Fitness
Min Investment
Rochester, NY
Offering Date
October 13, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 11, 2022


Jimmy Paola, Chairman

Mark Washo, Vice Chairman

Zach Agliata, Director of Soccer Development

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Key Deal Facts

You the fan are an owner of your professional soccer club, Flower City Union.
Fan owners have representation in the governance of the club via a fan ownership leader.
Fan owners are able to vote on future fan owner representatives.
Fan owners have multiple opportunities and forums to voice your opinion on key club matters.
Fan ownership will be offered exclusively during 2021. This is a limited time opportunity.
Receive benefits at every level and special access to exclusive club events, gifts, and content.
Fan owners actively support the club mission to be an integral part of the Rochester Community.