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We Are The New Farmers

We Are The New Farmers

Mission-driven urban farm creating sustainable food products from microalgae

We Are The New Farmers. We are a mission-driven urban farm creating sustainable food products from microalgae – one of the most sustainable and nutritious food sources our planet has to offer. Microalgae, such as spirulina, are microscopic organisms that are closely related to kelp and other seaweeds. Plus, they are incredibly efficient machines that turn carbon into proteins, fatty acids, and other valuable nutrients – making them a promising form of cellular agriculture in the fight against global warming.

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Food & Bev
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Brooklyn, NY
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Jonas Guenther, Co-founder & CEO
We Are The New Farmers was founded by Jonas Guenther, who is an entrepreneur, food activist, and writer. He started developing solutions to grow food during his graduate program at NYU.

Daniel Bernstein, COO & co-founder
Oversees distribution, marketing and finance at We Are The New Farmers. He has 4 years of retail turnaround investing experience with a particular focus on grocery store chains and large food business after graduating from Princeton University with a degree in economics

Michael Udovich, CTO & co-founder
Not afraid to get his hands dirty (or in our case, wet). He is responsible for our farm operations and development of new farm tech.

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Key Deal Facts

Sustainable indoor farm reinventing protein-packed algae for the masses
Sold to over a thousand customers - and expanding into B2B
Sticky, high-value, high margin products for long-term D2C success
IndoorAg attracting billions of funding - a new near-term exit opportunity!
By the numbers—$175K revenue, greater than 6:1 LTV:CAC
Projected $25M revenue capacity by 2024