Spirit Of Speedway

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Amount Raised: $25,000
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Membership Units
Min Investment
Offering Date
October 28, 2021
Expected Close Date
May 31, 2023
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Company Description

The Spirit of Speedway is the first Indy 500 program of its kind. Race fans have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest alongside corporate sponsors in the ownership of a race car entry for the Indy 500. This exclusive program through Marotti Autosport not only allows race fans to share the thrill of being part of a team entering the most prestigious race in the world, but also honor and celebrate the hometown of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway—Speedway, Indiana. The 7-month program will run through May 2022, with various events and exciting promotions, building excitement and anticipation for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing—the Indy 500!

Key Deal Facts

For the first time in Indy 500 history, Marotti Autosport will attempt to qualify a partially fan-owned car entry.
Inspired by the tradition of past Indy 500 car entries named after cities, the theme of this program and car has been named the Spirit of Speedway.
We are paying homage to Speedway, Indiana, hometown of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. This is an Indy 500 first!

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