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Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Lake Forest, CA
Offering Date
November 12, 2021
Expected Close Date
February 11, 2022
Amount Raised
Security Price

Key Deal Facts

We"re Proven: Throwdown has an unparalleled legacy within the fitness industry, trusted by Legacy Key Account partners like Gold's Gym, Lifetime Fitness, 24-hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, Crunch Fitness, McGregor FAST, UFC Gyms, Virgin Active, and select NFL franchises FIT programs (Cowboys, Browns, 49ers, Bears, Texans, Chiefs).
Financials: Throwdown’s business model has achieved $12.9 million in revenue over the past three years. In addition to its captive revenue, over $20 million of Throwdown-branded products were sold in that same period through its commercial gym and health club licensing partners.
Hybrid Fitness Model: With the launch of our app in September 2021, we've established ourselves as a Hybrid Fitness brand fit for the COVID-19 environment. Since 2003, we've demonstrated our ability to evolve with the fitness industry, and as Hybrid Fitness (reaching consumers in the gym, at home, or both) becomes the new norm, we're going to do what we've always done - deliver the products & programming the market demands.

Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

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