MetaMorph Jewelry Studio

MetaMorph Jewelry Studio

Handmade Jewelry Studio & Gift Shop

Security Type
Consumer Goods
Min Investment
Pittsburgh, PA
Offering Date
November 12, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 11, 2022
Security Price
Deal Notes

Interest Rate-11.25%

Term Length-60 months

Use of Proceeds

  • Place a large round of metal & jewelry supply orders to lock in lower pricing and to have the ability to fill large purchase orders with ease and not worry about funding them. 
  •  Upgrading several areas of the workshop listed in budget proposal, so that the jewelry can be fabricated more efficiently, including the addition of more workstations. 
  • Replacing oxy/acetylene torch system with a hydro torch. Hydro torches are safer for the humans operating it, and the environment. Switching to a hydro torch eliminates risk of explosion if used improperly, while also eliminating C02 emissions. 
  • Updating fume extractors with newer, safer systems. 
  • Addition of casting equipment, so that we can reproduce jewelry more efficiently and consistently. 
  • Addition of pulse arc laser welder so that we can take on more repair jobs that require laser welding.
  • Shipping & assembly station, so that we can process orders more efficiently.

Key Deal Facts

MetaMorph Jewelry Studio is a reputable sustainable jewelry brand carried by over 200 retail locations in the US & Canada.
They received Silver status from the Sustainable Pittsburgh Audit, putting MetaMorph on the map for sustainable businesses to shop in the Greater Pittsburgh area.
Sarah takes on commissions and creates one of a kind pieces for sale on the MetaMorph website and at the storefront.

Security Description

A note is a financial security that generally has a longer term than a bill but a shorter term than a bond.

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