Reusable Solar Shipping Solutions

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Tech, Clean Technology
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November 23, 2021
Expected Close Date
February 23, 2022
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Key Deal Facts

Improved cost efficiencies: PVpallets can be reused an estimated 20+ times, eliminating the cost of new wood pallets for every project.
Positive environmental impacts: PVpallets are made from recycled plastic and are reground into new pallets at the end of their life cycle. As a replacement for wood pallets, this solution prevents unnecessary deforestation, reduces the solar industry’s carbon footprint, and could prevent over 60 million pounds of wood pallet waste from entering US landfills every year.
Reduce solar panel damage: According to our research, an average of 2-5% of the solar panels shipped on wood pallets arrive at the job site damaged and unusable. PVpallet provides additional protection from damage with adjustable sidewalls and cross braces.

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