Freedom From Loans

Freedom From Loans

Freedom to buy your dream home

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Preferred Stock
Real Estate
Houston, TX
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Key Deal Facts

FFL is designed to provide financial benefits to four very different classes of real estate investments including:
1. Financial Distress Situations – Behind in mortgage payments due to financial problems.
2. Aspirational Buy Situations -- Young metros seeking space for a growing family or retreat from the city core in a house of their dreams but beyond what they can afford by traditional mortgage lender standards. Alternately, an investor seeking to purchase a property requiring more capital than they have quickly available.
3. Senior Citizens – An equity share alternative to traditional reverse mortgages providing cash for enjoyment in senior years and a structure that facilitates passing their home on to heirs without them being forced to sell the property to pay off a reverse mortgage.
4. Builder Assist programs – Project completion and fix-and-flip funding plus potential assist in closing sales of completed projects using the True Equity Share Plans of FFL.

Security Description

Preferred securities are a type of investment that generally offers some sort of preferred treatment through a dividend or preferred treatment in a liquidation.

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