Revolutionizing Green Stormwater Infrastructure

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Common Stock
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August 11, 2021
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August 29, 2022
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Company Description

Climate change is wreaking havoc on critical infrastructure in our cities. AquiPor's advanced permeable surface technology and engineering solutions are being developed to mitigate stormwater runoff pollution and urban flooding in our cities. AquiPor's technology manages stormwater naturally, helps recharge groundwater, and replenishes aquifers.


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Key Deal Facts

Market Opportunity & Timing: The U.S. is poised to spend over $1 Trillion on infrastructure over the next decade with a focus on green investments in water, renewable energy, and broadband.
Green Technology: AquiPor’s proprietary technology not only manages stormwater runoff right where it falls, but it is produced with reclaimed materials and an extremely low carbon footprint.
Team: AquiPor’s founding team has deep experience in the stormwater and green infrastructure sectors and its advisory board consists of industry experts spanning the construction, building materials, and financial industries.

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