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Security Type
Convertible Note
Technology, Entertainment, B2B, Music, Minority Founders
Min Investment
Atlanta, GA
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
Amount Raised
Target Raise
No. Investors
Security Price

Company Description

🎵 $400M Market opportunity for brands to leverage music experiences thru the Deepr® product suite
💰 $375K raised from music execs, F/F, and investors in support of the Deepr® value proposition
📲 +10,000 iOS & Android downloads of the Deepr® app, since Q4 2019
🔒 IP: Patents pending in the US & International markets. Federal USPTO trademark granted for Deepr®
🚀 Revenue on track to $1M for 2022 (not guaranteed)

Security Description

A convertible security is a security that can be converted into another security, typically equity in the next round of financing.

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