World Tree

World Tree

Fast growing eco-timber that's reversing climate change

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General, Technology, Main Street, Retail, Sustainability
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El Segundo, CA
Offering Date
January 29, 2019
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
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No. Investors
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Share Price: $1.00

Company Description

World Tree is fighting climate change and making money by planting trees for the purposes of timber production and carbon sequestration.

Use of Proceeds

Please see World Trees Form C for details:


$2,000+ Every acre of trees planted offsets over 1,000 tons of carbon. Every investor receives a certificate showing their carbon offsets from participating.
$4,000+ A copy of "The Clean Money" revolution by Joel Solomon, a World Tree advisor.
$20,000+ A VIP pass to the Empress Concert event to be held in 2019. Details are currently top secret!

Security Description

Equity is a stock or any other security representing a direct ownership interest.

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