The Kookie Box

Tyrell is expanding his cookie business!

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August 08, 2022
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Company Description

Inspired by some of the most remarkable flavor profiles from across the world, our cookies awaken a sense of adventure in any dessert connoisseur. Our company has created and mastered 30 cookie (kookie) varieties in the forms of traditional cookies, brownies, and multilayer cookie cakes. Each flavor is unique in both texture and taste and come together in perfect harmony. This diversity is inspired by the world travels of The Kookie Box founder, Tyrell Russell. Beginning his travels in Zambia in 2013, some of the strongest feelings of nostalgia came from the unique raw food materials that each place had to offer. Food became the strongest source of daring and exploration. From the classic chocolate chip popularized in America, to the stronger, richer flavors of caramel bursting through the dimly lit streets of the Netherlands, each cookie is a glimpse into captivating lands near and far.

Key Deal Facts

The Kookie Box, led by owner Tyrell, is raising funds to purchase a food truck!, In their short time in the United States, The Kookie Box has been highlighted twice at the Palm Beach Gardens Greenmarket for our outstanding market presence, and partnered with Minutemen Eye Center and Ron Brown Scholars Program!

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