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Patent-pending, single-use alternative:
edible, compostable cups

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Technology, Food and Bev, Sustainability, Female Founder
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Carlsbad CA, CA
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Key Deal Facts

U.S. single-use cup market is $4.2B. Amai's alternative is well-timed to compete in this space.
Theme park, travel, service partnerships in place to grow to $44.7M by 2027, 5 year CAGR 79.8% (not guaranteed).
Presence in 14 states servicing a variety of applications. 2022-2023 capacity already SOLD OUT!
First-to-market upcycled, made in the U.S. edible cup. Profitable by 2024 with $4.5M EBIT (not guaranteed).
Operational and executive experience across many disciplines at Panasonic, Nike, Fox, Activision.
Team has proven track record successfully scaling CPG from R&D phase to volume production.
Advisory board rounds out our team by bringing agricultural research and food production expertise
We aim to keep 285M single-use cups out of landfill and prevent >4,800 tons of food waste by 2027.

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